5 Massage Myths and Misunderstandings - April 2016

Author Michelle Burns, BSN, BS AltMed, LMT, BCTMB

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While massage has been practiced for healing for hundreds (in fact, thousands) of years, a scientific understanding of what actually happens during a massage has been lacking. As a result, a number of theories and ideas, sometimes based on physiology and sometimes on anecdotal observation, has become embedded in both the public and massage therapists understanding of massage. As more research is made available regarding massage therapy and other forms of bodywork, some of these understandings have been proven to be misunderstandings. These papers review several myths and the research to support or dispel the myths. Each paper looks at 5 different myths. This resources can be helpful for creating brochures, educational materials, research papers, etc.

The myths addressed in this paper include:

  • Massage is a treat and doesn’t do anything except make you feel pampered and relaxed
  • Massage is useful for sore muscles and injury recovery, but will be painful to be effective
  • Massage is not safe for someone with or who has had cancer within the last 5 years
  • Massage, especially of the feet and ankles, is not safe for someone who is pregnant, especially during the first trimester
  • Lactic acid can build up in muscles, causing pain and soreness, and massage can flush the lactic acid out of the muscles, speeding recovery.


5 Massage  Myths and Misunderstandings - April 2016
Digital Download (PDF)

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