Are you a new therapist who is looking for a job?

Are you ready to have your own business but unsure how to be successful?

Do you have your own business but it isn’t as successful as you had envisioned?

Are you feeling like the business owns you and you are lost in the process?

Are you an established therapist but unsure how to navigate the changing times with the new virus?

How would it feel to:
  • Have a long term career doing what you love without injury to yourself?
  • Do the work you are passionate about?
  • Remove obstacles that continually get in the way of success?
  • Attract the people you most desire to work with?
  • Have a sounding board to help you sort through choices and find ease in making decisions?
  • Make your own self-care a priority and prevent or heal from burnout?
  • Feel as safe and confident as possible during the uncertain times of pandemic?

A massage coach and mentor can help you with all these things. You are not the first massage therapist to struggle with decisions, 

A massage coach and mentor can help you with all these things. You are not the first massage therapist to struggle with decisions, new concepts, or a feeling of overwhelm resulting from frequent change and opportunities in the profession. Mentors can be there to offer wisdom, encouragement and advice. Mentors are not critics, but rather offer a source of constructive advice.

Mentoring is a sustained relationship between an experienced person and a less—experienced person which provides guidance, instruction and support. Mentoring can help find direction in every day decisions, such as what CE class to take, how to modify a resumé or talk to a job supervisor, to how to market the business. Having a sounding board with more experience and resources to guide you can shine a light on opportunities and challenges and help find direction and solutions. A mentor is not a parent, professional counselor, or financial adviser. They are a Guide, Friend and Supporter.

Coaching/Mentoring clients typically fall in one of 6 categories:

  1. Job Hunting
  2. Fledgling Business Owner - the therapist looking to start their own practice
  3. Practice Expansion - the therapist who wants to grow their practice
  4. Teacher - the therapist who wants to teach
  5. Treatment Plan Development - the therapist who wants to work with specific clients condition
  6. Safe Space Creation - the therapist that is unsure what is needed to create a safe treatment space

What Kind of Things Can a Mentor Help With?

The Job Hunter

  • Resume Preparation—preparing a resume that will get you an interview
  • Interviewing skills—how to prepare, what to focus on. Includes mock interviews for practice
  • Job Hunting—how to find the jobs that fit your goals

Starting Their Own Practice

  • Creating a plan for your business
  • Setting realistic goals and action plans to complete the goals
  • Determining the right location for your practice
  • Help understanding and determining the initial costs and ongoing expenses
  • Learn about marketing tools and what works for you
  • How to use social media and the internet effectively
  • Setting up scheduling, bookkeeping and record keeping systems

Growing Their Current Practice

  • Hiring others?
  • Additional income streams
  • How and when to delegate
  • Expand locations or move to bigger space
  • Adding new techniques and services

Expand Into Teaching

  • Make a difference by becoming a Massage Therapy Instructor
  • Confidently offer classes that students will enjoy and recommend
  • Develop an extra source of income
  • Become an approved CE provider
  • Master the tools of creating a compelling and helpful class with a step by step guide

Working with Specific Conditions or Types of Clients

  • Problem solving in unfamiliar situations or conditions to develop treatment plans
  • Problem solve a treatment plan that doesn’t seem to be working
  • Help provide reference material and resources to understand specific conditions

Creating a safe space during community illness outbreaks

  • What items should and shouldn’t be in a massage room
  • How should the room and other supporting spaces be cleaned and maintained
  • What should the therapist wear to protect themselves and their clients
  • What are the most current recommendations and requirements

Why Me?

I know what it takes to be successful. With over 25 years experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist and 15 years as a Massage Instructor, with my own successful business, a background in management and administration, a longtime commitment to personal and professional development, a strong background in science and biology, and a strong relationship with mentors and supervisors, I can guide you along the journey to a successful career in massage therapy. I will work hand-in-hand with you for as long or as little time as you need.

My focus is you – your agenda and your timeframe.

 for professional support from a caring, skilled, and no-nonsense supporter, then fill out the form and let’s get started! 
I look forward to working with you.

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