Newsletter: Massage Practice Building excerpts-- Aug 2017

Michelle Burns
August 17, 2017

Here is some of the information I recently shared in my August newsletter. Each newsletter has a specific focus.  This month is focused on business and ethics information. If you would be interested in receiving my newsletters, please head over to my contact page and sign up.

Tidbits, Updates and Resources:

1. “There are many things you can’t control about the job-seeking process…But there is one thing you can control: the amount of work you put in.” Some great tips for standing out when applying for a job can be found in the article Your Resume is a Waste of time: 8 Better Ways to Get Hired for the job You Want by Jeff Haden at

2. Massage Magazine provides a free e-book, 10 Tips for Success You Won’t Learn in Massage School. “No matter what specialty you choose, many people await your skilled touch—and those potential clients need to know who you are, where you are, and what you offer. That’s why you need to have inside strategies for promoting and maintaining a successful massage practice.” You can download a copy on the Massage Magazine website.

3.  For those interested in working in a spa, there is a great article by a former spa director, Barry Eichner, found on Spa Standard: 10 Tips to Landing a Spa Job: Confessions From a Former Spa Director. “These are my inside tips to landing the spa job of your dreams. After a decade of working in spas, I’ve seen so many professionals launch successful careers. These 10 tips are what contributed to my selecting applicants to join my team!

  1. Network
  2. Stay Humble
  3. Be Professional
  4. Be Willing to Work Part-time
  5. Have a strong resume and cover letter
  6. Drop off resume and cover letter in person
  7. Brush up on your interview skills
  8. Do Your research
  9. Write follow up thank you notes

10. Be flexible

4. Elite Continuing Education offers 9 Tips to Get New Massage Therapy Clients.

  1. Identify your ideal clientele
  2. You have a stack, Now What? The Business card
  3. Be a Stalker (kidding-no really)
  4. High-end Salons
  5. The obvious (obviously) – Chiropractors
  6. Register with Google places, Google maps and Google+
  7. Offers that can’t be refused (carefully)
  8. Gift Certificates
  9. Reach out to past clients

5. Because finances can feel overwhelming and, for many, confusing, the following article offers ways to make finances work for you. 10 Simple Money Moves You Should Make this Week at The Penny Hoarder.


I receive a weekly update on anything published anywhere on the internet that includes information about massage business and tips or hacks. If you have any problems with the links, please let me know, or if you come across any information that you think would be good to share, please also feel free to pass that information along:

Regarding Licensing

The Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards is asking for massage therapists to participate in the 2017 Job Task Analysis and Career Patterns Surveys. According to the Federation, “This snapshot of the practice will be used for ongoing development of a fair and appropriate national examination to ensure the ENTRY-LEVEL massage/bodywork practitioner is competent to safely practice.”

The survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and can be completed over several session. The survey is found at:

Ethics Situation for your consideration

  • What does that tattoo say???Yikes! I just worked on a guy who's tattoo says "White Pride"! And he made another appt for next week. Is there an elephant in the room?Some other people’s thoughts include:

    All people no matter their beliefs need healing.
    Be there for them so they can "change" evolve.
    Not saying something about it to him makes us complicit.
    Assuming that you can change him or help him evolve by continuing to work with him is arrogant.
    If you find you can't touch this guy with care and concern it would be best not to work on him.
    How do we know that he isn't coming to her because of her race and that he now assumes she must be okay with, if not share in, his bigotry because she hasn't said anything about the hateful statement tattooed on his body?
    Opened a dialogue by saying something similar: "As a person who strives to keep an open heart and mind to everyone, I need to tell you that your tattoo makes me feel uncomfortable and it's important to me that you know I care about people of all races and ethnicities."

    How do you handle this situation? What are your thoughts?

Practice Tip:

  • Self-care tips for massage therapists:
    • Have good body mechanics
      • Not only monitor your body mechanics on a daily basis, but find a peer or mentor comfortable and proficient with body mechanics and hire them once a year to observe you doing massage to point out areas where your body mechanics might be slipping.
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