Newsletter: Massage Practice Building excerpts-- Sep 2018

Michelle Burns
September 21, 2018

Here is some of the information I recently shared in my September newsletter. Each newsletter has a specific focus.  This month is focused on business and ethics information. If you would be interested in receiving my newsletters, please head over to my contact page and sign up.

Tidbits, Updates and Resources:

1.The key to a successful interview is preparation. Review your research about the company, such as its history, mission and organizational structure. Be prepared to share how you feel that your education, experience, personality and ancillary skills will be an asset to the company. Several people with equally good qualifications could be interviewing for this position, and your knowledge of the employer’s mission, goals and business philosophy can go a long way to demonstrate your interest and work ethic. Details about interviews and preparations can be found in an article published in Massage Magazine titled HOW TO ACE YOUR MASSAGE INTERVIEW

2. "Shane Evans had a back injury that was helped by frequent massages. Problem was, she couldn’t always afford to pay spa prices. Frustrated, and inspired, she and her husband, Wayne, cashed in their investments and savings to start Massage Heights, a massage membership business that offers an upscale environment at affordable prices. Today the company has 147 franchisees in the U.S. and Canada and generated revenues of $110 million in 2017. “ Read her inspiring story "How I Built a Massage Empire” in Fortune Magazine.

3. 18 Massage Therapist resumé templates are available for free through Outra Radio.

4.  Player FM, a podcast site, offers a series of Massage Business focused podcasts with Tim Cooper, including “How to Build an 8 Figure Medical Massage Business”, How to Get the Most Out of your Continuing Education” and “Social Media Marketing Strategies.” More titles can be found at Player FM.

5.  Massage Magazine provided a list of helpful software apps for massage businesses:

  • Apptoto —cloud-based fully automated service for business appointment booking, appointment reminders, etc.
  •  Artichoke—scheduling, appointment reminders, payment processing, gift card sales, etc.
  • Aspire—SOAP notes, scheduling, reminders, etc.
  • Bodywork Buddy— specifically for the solo practitioner. Scheduling, SOAP notes, expense reporting, intake forms, etc.
  • Booksy Biz— real-time appointment availability, collect payments, embed in your website and Facebook pages
  • Click4Time––appointment booking. eSOAP notes
  • Genbook—online schedule, connects to major search engines so clients can find you, can process payments.
  • Hands Heal EHR—Electronic health record that is secure. Can also be used to managed your classes if you teach.
  • MassageBook— free web profile, online booking, accounting, interactive SOAP notes, integrated to Facebook page
  • Massagetique-- free listing in the online directory, free online marketing guide
  • Mind-body for Business—online appointment, organize staff schedules and payroll, take payments.
  • SOAP Vault—web-based charting program for massage therapists
  • Timely--online booking, point-of-sale, financial report, accounting.

6.  Massage Magazine has an article, “She Used to Barter Massage for CDs-Then Austin City Limits Said Yes”.  featuring our very own Austin Massage Therapist, Michelle Hittner. The article focuses on how she built her practice (Austin Massage Company) working with musicians and athletes. Congratulations to Michelle!

7.  Healthinomics—ready-made social media content for massage therapists. “Healthinomics was created to help health and wellness business owners market themselves better and more professionally on social media with little to no effort. We do that by providing beautiful bundles of ready-made social media images that save you tones of time.”

8.  Massage Business Blueprint offers a podcast by Michael Reynolds, titled “Quick Tips on Logo Design for Your Massage Business.”

  1. Don’t hire someone you know unless they do it for a living. Can you accept and give honest feedback with this person.
  2. Don’t hire an amateur.
  3. Know the process fully going in and have a contract for it. Know what the deliverables are.
  4. Know who you are going in—what is the name of your business, who is your target, etc.

I receive a weekly update on anything published anywhere on the internet that includes information about massage business and tips or hacks. If you have any problems with the links, please let me know, or if you come across any information that you think would be good to share, please also feel free to pass that information along:

Regarding Licensing

For Continuing Education Providers: The renewal and application form has been changed. The form now includes the following instructions: 

Provide a brief description of your capability in development and instruction of continuing education courses along with a business plan with clearly defined purposes such as policies on inclement weather, cancellations, etc.

Ethics Situation for your consideration

Nikki’s clientele are athletes who have sports-related injuries. In most cases, she massages the targeted area while seated. Today is a busy day for Nikki. In addition to 5 half-hour sessions, Nikki’s sister hired her to provide relaxation massage to her three bridesmaids. Fifteen minutes into the first massage, Nikki noticed that she was having a difficult time controlling her pressure. This was causing discomfort in her upper back and neck. By the middle of the second session, Nikki’s lower back was hurting too.

  • Why do you think Nikki is having a hard time adjusting her body mechanics?
  • Is there a difference in body mechanics when using a table over a chair?
  • Do longer sessions make body mechanics more challenging?
  • What suggestions might you offer Nikki to improve her body posture?
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