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Social Media Pitfall: Becoming a "Used Car Salesman"

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing our business, but it isn't the best or only tool. And, like any tool, it is most effective when used correctly. Too often, therapists get caught up in the myth of social media being a quick and easy answer for marketing without understanding the basics of using […]
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Building Authority and Credibility as a Referral Tool

Having been a massage therapist for many years with a large and successful practice, I am now faced with the job of sharing the tools that led to that success with students and I sometimes find it challenging to put into words what I knew intuitively.  When I found the article “Building Your Authority and […]
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NCBTMB Approved Provider Status Received

Today I received my new NCBTMB Approved CE Provider Status number for all but one class and it is pending!!!  It is good for a year while they revise their procedures.  So, if you need NCBTMB CE hours, I would appreciate it if you would check out my classes.   Thanks.
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The Lure of Snake Oil Medicine

About a year ago, I read a blog by Laura Allen, titled The Snake Oil Medicine Show discussing how many products and programs are created and marketed to health care practitioners and how easily, it seems, massage therapists can be seduced by these products.  Coming from a western medicine, science based background, I have always taken […]
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Saying the Wrong Thing with the Best of Intentions

I have a friend who several years ago was diagnosed with a recurance of her breast cancer after 15 years of being cancer free.  Needless to say, this was a very traumatic and emotional time for her, her family, and friends.  One of the hardest things for anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatments […]
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Why does my back hurt when I move my arm?

Often, as I am working with clients, the question comes up: Why does my (back, arm, leg, head, etc.) hurt when I do something with another part of my body? This can be confusing and frustrating. I am currently re-reading a wonderful book called Job's Body by Deanne Juhan. As I was reading, I came […]
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