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Newsletter: Massage Practice Building excerpts-- Aug 2015

Every month I publish a newsletter on relevant information. Each newsletter has a specific focus. This month is focused on business and ethics information
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Student work: To Bill or Not to Bill by Charlene Smith

During the course of attending massage school at A New Beginning School of Massage, students are given a number of assignments that requiring research and writing. Some of these assignments result in very insightful and  well thought out information and  decision-making outcomes. I am happy to share some of their assignments for you to enjoy. I […]
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Building Authority and Credibility as a Referral Tool

Having been a massage therapist for many years with a large and successful practice, I am now faced with the job of sharing the tools that led to that success with students and I sometimes find it challenging to put into words what I knew intuitively.  When I found the article “Building Your Authority and […]
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The Lure of Snake Oil Medicine

About a year ago, I read a blog by Laura Allen, titled The Snake Oil Medicine Show discussing how many products and programs are created and marketed to health care practitioners and how easily, it seems, massage therapists can be seduced by these products.  Coming from a western medicine, science based background, I have always taken […]
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